Nourish Your Body

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Learn to make gut healthy cultured foods at home, from sourdough starter to kefir water, pickles to yogurt. Their website is packed with how-to info to help you get started. Our kiddos love an ice cold bubbly Keifer water on a hot day. Free Shipping on orders over $40

Check out our gardening products at True Leaf Market

Heirloom and organic seeds, micro greens, and more. Micro greens are nutrient dense, and expensive to buy….but cheap to grow! I got my micro greens growing kit through True Leaf along with Heirloom seeds for my garden. Shipping is free on orders over $35.


Azure Standard is the #1 way our family is able to eat organic, while still being cost effective. We purchase items like raw cheese, butter, coconut oil, sprouted flour, and more. You can easily order in bulk, saving even more money. It operates much like a coop, with a once a month drop. Once on the website, you can check for drop sites near you!

Milk Dust

Milk Dust protein powder is full of plant-based protein, free of gluten and non-GMO. Organic ingredients and hand-picked nutrients. What I live most about this milk boosting supplement is that it helps curve sugar cravings and supports healthy insulin levels, which in turn also helps your milk supply. 

Purity Coffee

Coffee is an important part of my life, being a mom and a birth worker. I believe something I consistently start my day with should live up to the standards I live life by! Purity Coffee is ACTUALLY (not just in name) Organic, mold free, sustainable, and clean in every possible way. Moldy coffee has the opposite effects that coffee should have…so quit putting it in your body!